Health Technology Innovation

Pellar Health

Isolation Enforcement System

  • Receive
  • Review
  • Report
  • SMS Notification Using SMS to request isolation reporting
  • GPS Geolocation Using GPS to pin point people in isolation
  • Web Dashboard Analyse all location reporting. Isolation violations are automatically flagged for further investigation

Addresses challenges stemmed from manual isolation enforcement.

System can be scaled to cater for millions of users.

1. Save Cost 2. Reduce Risk 3. Increase Efficiency

Health Dashboard

Realtime dashboard to provide critical information for health related technology deployments.

Intelligently tracking events from isolation infringement to visitors' temperature.

Contactless Temperature Measurement

tempature sensor
  • Intelligent Device Using AI to capture the most important information
  • Medical Grade Sensor Accurate infrared sensor to measure body temperature remotely
  • Privacy Focused On-device processing to ensure information is encrypted and secure

Reduces the risks and costs of conducting temperature measurements manually.

Automatically triggers alerts based on configurable thresholds.

Real-time big data analysis when combined with Pellar's Health Dashboard.

Our Technology

The system has been built on an established technology foundation, providing the ability to process millions of user requests and scale as required.